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What are the different food stores in habitat by honestbee? What are their operating hours like?

We have various dining options available! Join us in indulging at:


b bar: A best-kept secret, b bar is a progressive cocktail and spirits bar where simplicity meets eccentricity, and where classics are shaken and stirred.

[Monday to Tuesday: Closed]

[Wednesday to Friday: 5PM to 12AM]

[Saturday and Public Holiday: 12PM to 12AM]

[Sunday: 12PM to 10PM]


Campfire: Hearty, premium meats on the josper grills using binchotan and applewood for added flavour.

[OPEN daily from 11AM to 9.30PM]


Char: Melt-in-your-mouth meats using traditional Cantonese roasting techniques and spices.

[OPEN daily from 11AM to 9.30PM]


Captain Snapper: Marine morsels of flaky freshness dunked in beer batter, served with fries.

[OPEN daily from 11AM to 9.30PM]


Don&Buri: Delicious Japanese rice bowls - your lunch and dinner fix just got kawaii.

[OPEN daily from 11AM to 9.30PM]


Fresh Beets: A taste trek of the world in one grain bowl, with options for vegans and vegetarians.

[OPEN daily from 11AM to 9.30PM]


Oyster & Seafood Bar: An oyster and seafood bar that transforms the freshest catch into Asian-inspired small plates.

[Monday to Sunday: 11AM to 9.30PM]*


Hinoki: With Kyoto-roasted beans and Hokkaido milk, it’s a taste of Japan’s coffee culture in a brew.

[OPEN daily from 10AM to 9.30PM]


KFChua: Crispy Korean fried chicken marinated in our secret blend of Korean spices, designed for sharing.

[OPEN daily from 11AM to 9.30PM]


Lazy Loaf: Asian flours, local spreads and three different toasters for loaves as you like it.

[OPEN daily from 10AM to 9.30PM]


Lucky Peach: No sugar, no preservatives — fresh fruits only.

[OPEN daily from 10AM to 9.30PM]


Moss: Straits cuisine in Nasi Lemak sharing plates.

[OPEN daily from 11.30AM to 9.30PM]


Mr Bubbles: Bubble tea, kombuchas and calpis with gula melaka and freshly brewed earl grey tea.

[OPEN daily from 11AM to 9.30PM]


Niven Cakes: Cakes that bring together local flavours and modern twists.

[OPEN daily from 11AM to 9.30PM]


Nourish: Chinese herbal soups to detox, refresh and nourish.

[OPEN daily from 11AM to 9.30PM]


Pasta La Vista: Comfort Italian staples with different types of pasta to go with our chefs’ sauces and meats.

[OPEN daily from 11AM to 9.30PM]


Poofy: In collaboration with Riz Labo Kitchen, enjoy soft serve and soufflé pancakes using premium Japanese flour.

[OPEN daily from 11AM to 9.30PM]


White Moustache: Booze and beer for hopheads who appreciate craftsmanship beyond labels.

[OPEN daily from 11AM to 9.30PM]


Our kitchens are open for orders until the stated time. However, dine-in options are still available 30 minutes* after the closing time.


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habitat IG: @habitat_sg

habitat FB: @habitat by honestbee

b bar: @bbar_sg

Campfire: @campfire_sg

Fresh Beets: @freshbeets_sg

hinoki: @hinoki_sg

Mr Bubbles: @mrbubbles_sg

Oyster & Seafood Bar: @habitatoysterbar

Lucky Peach: @luckypeach_sg

Lazy Loaf: @lazyloaf_sg

Poofy: @poofy_sg


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