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How does honestbee Suntec Concierge work?

Get the honestbee Suntec Concierge experience with these simple steps:

  1. Ask the staff at any of our three booths to measure your items for delivery. This will come in handy for Step #6.
  2. Download the honestbee app and create an account.
  3. Enter your postal code to set your delivery destination.
  4. Select Groceries and go to All Stores. Scroll through the top row of store categories to the end and tap on the Mall To Home tab.
  5. Choose either Premium Same Day Delivery or Premium Next Day Delivery.
  6. Tap on Same Day Delivery Service or Next Day Delivery Service and Add To Cart. Depending on the package size, you may need to tap on Additional Space as well.
  7. Go to Cart and tap on Check Out.
  8. Set your desired delivery time, full address and payment method.
  9. Tap on Place Order to confirm your delivery.
  10. Drop off your items at the booth and you’re all done!
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