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How do I place an order?

  1. Before you place you order, please check that the address reflected in the middle of the main page is your desired pick up and delivery address for your laundry order. If not, please click 'Change Address' to change it to your correct delivery address.

  2. After ensuring that your address is correct, browse for the articles you would like to wash and tap on Add to Basket.

  3. After you have selected an article, you will be able to add instructions.
    If you have selected Wash & Fold or Curtains, please enter the estimated weight of your laundry load, as these items are charged per kg.

  4. When you are done selecting articles, tap on the Basket icon at the bottom of the page.

  5. Review the articles in your basket and tap on 'Check Out'.

  6. Choose your pick up and delivery dates and time slots.
    WhatsApp_Image_2019-02-27_at_19.47.34__6_.jpeg WhatsApp_Image_2019-02-27_at_19.47.34__7_.jpeg

  7. You may also leave instructions for your delivery bees 

  8. Tap on 'Continue', and you're all set!

  9. You will receive a confirmation email shortly to your registered email address, and your laundry will be picked up at your selected time slot.

  10. You'll receive your final receipt within 5 working days after we have returned your laundry. Your final receipt will be adjusted for any additional articles added to the order and the difference in weight (if any) of your wash and fold loads.
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