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How does honestbee Goodship C2C work?

  1. Log into your honestbee account.
  2. Enter your postal code.
  3. Browse through the types of poly-mailers required for your buyer.
  4. Select the size and quantity, and then click “Add to Cart”.
  5. Review the items in your cart and click “Check Out”.
  6. Enter your delivery address, instructions for our delivery bees (if any) and your preferred method of payment.
  7. Click “Place Order” and you're all set! We’ll send a confirmation email to your registered email address shortly.
  8. Goodship will prepare your poly-mailer order and mail it to you within 72 hours.
  9. In the meantime, to track the status of your delivery as it arrives at your doorstep, click on Your Orders on the bottom menu.
  10.  After your order reaches you, you'll receive OTP(s) for generating the Airway Bills(AWB), poly-mailer(s) and a set of instructions for dropping off the parcels with us!
  11.  Pack the buyer’s items using our poly-mailer bags.
  12.  Drop them off at the designated Mobile hubs.
  13.  Track the order delivery status with the tracking number provided.
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