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Am I paying in-store prices?

When you shop at stores that carry a label “Today’s best price”, you pay the latest price given to us by our partners (the stores you see on honestbee)—without a mark-up.

“Today’s best price” means that you get to enjoy the same price as in the store on the day you place your order. For example, if you place your order on Monday, with delivery for Tuesday, you pay Monday’s in-store price.

The subtotal that you see on our website or mobile apps when you place your order is final. You will not pay more. Even if the in-store price of some of your items on the day when we shop for them is higher.

Occasionally prices on honestbee.sg website and mobile apps may be higher than in the store. We offer the most competitive pricing we can for our partners with higher than in-store prices. To find out which stores offer “Today’s best price”, navigate to the Stores page and check the labels below the store logos.


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