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My food delivery is late

Our countdown timer is updated based on Delivery bee's actual location and might fluctuate. Once your order is prepared, our Delivery bees will do their best to bring hot and fresh food to you as quickly as possible!

Here's more information about each of the status under your food order:

Confirmed: We've received your order, and are waiting for the restaurant at habitat by honestbee to accept it.

Preparing: The restaurant has accepted the order and has begun preparing your food.

On the way: Our Delivery bee has collected your piping hot food. Timer will start counting down when our bees leave habitat, and will be adjusted based on their actual location on the way to you.

Delivered: Food napkins on! We've delivered your food to you, bon appetit!

Our bees may have trouble reaching you in times of severe weather conditions such as heavy rain or typhoon. In such situations, we'll update the delivery ETA and do our best to keep you informed. If you've waited for too long, please contact us and we'll do our best to make things right for you.



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